About Us

Welcome to the Hi-Rel Group: Crafting Custom Metal Components for High-Reliability Electronics

At Hi-Rel, we specialize in the fabrication of tailored metal components for the construction of high-reliability electronic devices. Our product range encompasses a variety of essential components, including hermetic package lids, thermal management solutions, getters (gas adsorbers) for microelectronics, solder and braze preforms, and other precision carrier components. When your electronic systems demand protection in harsh environments, Hi-Rel is your trusted partner, delivering unwavering quality, punctuality, and exceptional service.

What Sets Hi-Rel Apart?

Total Customer Focus:

Our commitment to your success drives us every day. Whether you require a handful of components or a substantial order, whether it's needed urgently or you're starting from scratch without drawings or material knowledge, we're here to assist. Our goal is to help you pinpoint the perfect solution for your application, ensuring your success with your customers. At Hi-Rel, we're not just your supplier; we're your partner in excellence, delivering high-quality products on time, every time.

Complete Solutions:

You're an expert in your electronics application, and we're experts in attachment, protection, and enabling capabilities. Hi-Rel provides a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all your microelectronic package requirements, ensuring that your electronics function precisely as intended. With us, there's no need to look elsewhere for peace of mind – we've got you covered.

Commitment to the Future:

We recognize that the world of electronics is in constant flux, with devices becoming smaller, faster, and ever-evolving in their performance requirements. Shorter lead times, reduced inventory, and agile, flexible suppliers are vital. Hi-Rel embraces these changes as part of our DNA. We adapt, anticipate, and invest in the future by ensuring we're always ready, whether it's through new equipment or materials to meet your future needs. Adapting and delivering – it's simply what we do.

Trust Hi-Rel as your partner in creating high-reliability electronic devices, where quality, reliability, and adaptability meet for your continued success in the ever-evolving world of electronics.