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Elevating Excellence for Aerospace and Defense: Where Success is the Only Option

We recognize that failure is never an option when it comes to mission-critical and sensitive electronics, especially in the realms of defense and aerospace. We understand the unique challenges of developing and deploying these electronics, where the development cycle can commence years in advance of the first production shipment. Throughout this crucial phase, Hi-Rel collaborates closely with our customers, offering design reviews and recommendations to ensure the best geometry and materials are chosen to suit the application. Before design finalization, our lean manufacturing process enables us to produce small batch sizes for customer design validation.

With over four decades of experience in supporting the aerospace and defense industries, we possess a profound understanding of our customers' ongoing objectives. This is particularly vital in today's ever-evolving landscape of military threats, geopolitical shifts, as well as changes in commercial air travel and satellite communications. Above all, Hi-Rel places its customers at the core of its business, maintaining an unwavering focus on quality, service, and rapid turnaround times.

In essence, we are an integral part of the military and aerospace electronics industry, and we comprehend it thoroughly. When our customers encounter challenges such as hermeticity issues, thermal management dilemmas, solder concerns, or reliability obstacles like outgassing after sealing, we possess the expertise to resolve them. Our high-precision metal component solutions for military and aerospace electronics encompass an array of specialized offerings, including hermetic lids, getters, solder preforms, thermal spreaders, and a variety of other precision-engineered metal components.

To delve deeper into how we bolster the aerospace and defense sectors with high-reliability components for hybrid packaging, reach out to us today. We would greatly value the opportunity to assist you in shaping your next program or solving ongoing challenges. Your success is our unwavering commitment.

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