Commitment to Quality

Dedicated to Your Success: Our Unwavering Commitment to Quality

At Hi-Rel, our commitment to quality is more than just a promise; it's a fundamental part of our mission to ensure our customers thrive with their clientele. When we speak of "quality," it transcends the manufacturing production of top-notch products – it encompasses our entire approach. Exceptional quality at Hi-Rel extends to our processes, our customer interactions, our employees, and our impact on the world. Quality isn't just what we do; it's how we do business.

In our pursuit of quality excellence, each of our three manufacturing facilities holds ISO certification, with our UK facility proudly recognized as an approved NADCAP plater. Each facility maintains its own comprehensive quality management system, reflecting our commitment to precision and reliability.

As a team, we collaborate to not only comprehend the requirements for manufacturing parts but also to grasp our customers' expectations when it comes to testing, qualification, communication, and certificates of compliance. We take pride in not just meeting these expectations but exceeding them.

We invite you to share your specific quality and qualification requirements with us. Whether you're at the initial design stage or further along in the process, we're here to assist you in developing and meeting your testing needs.

Here are some of the key programs and policies we have in place to ensure we meet and exceed our customers' expectations:

  • ISO Certification: Our manufacturing facilities are certified to AS9100 and ISO 14001, demonstrating our dedication to international quality standards.
  • NADCAP Approval: Our UK facility is an approved NADCAP plater, showcasing our commitment to exceptional plating processes.
  • Quality Manuals: Each facility maintains its own quality manual, serving as a comprehensive reference for our stringent quality control procedures.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize understanding and exceeding our customers' expectations for testing, qualification, communication, and compliance.
  • At Hi-Rel, your success is our success, and we're committed to delivering the highest quality products and service at every step of the way.