Hermetic Lids

Welcome to Hi-Rel's Hermetic Lids: Your Ultimate Sealing Solution

Our stepped lids are the ultimate solution for sealing hermetic packages through seam welding processes and are equally suitable for laser welding applications. These lids are meticulously etched to ensure precise dimensional tolerances, and the chemical milling technique employed during the etching process results in a profile that is perfectly tailored for seam welding. Moreover, it guarantees a product that is free from burrs and the residual stress often associated with metal stamping.

At Hi-Rel, we offer an extensive range of designs available on open tooling to meet your specific lid requirements. In cases where a unique design is needed, we can swiftly create and manufacture it within days of receiving your instructions.

Our Materials:


Stainless Steel


Alloy 42, 46, 48

Plating Finishes:

Electrolytic and electroless nickel

Soft electrolytic gold


Our lids are typically rectangular, and we offer flexibility in size with minimal limitations.


Length / Width: From 0.100" to 9.5"

Thickness: From 0.004" to 0.060"


Typical Tolerance: ±0.004 inches

Possible Tolerance: ±0.002 inches

Manufacturing Process:

Our lids are primarily chemically etched, with some stamping involved when necessary.

Hermetic Seal:

Our lids are designed for seam sealing, ensuring an airtight seal for your hermetic packages.

Customer Use:

Our lids are well-suited for resistance welding and laser welding applications.

Choose Hi-Rel for precision, reliability, and quick turnaround for all your hermetic lid needs.