Medical Devices

"Fostering Life-Saving Medical Electronics with Unwavering Commitment”

We consider it our solemn duty to provide the medical device industry with microelectronic components that are integral to safeguarding and preserving lives. We approach this responsibility with the utmost gravity, offering dedicated resources for product development and production, tailored to meet the unique and stringent requirements of this critical field. We recognize unequivocally that there is no room for failure.

Our customers in the medical sector demand more than just high-quality components; they require zero-defect support. They seek a versatile microelectronics supplier capable of swiftly devising solutions for a myriad of challenges that can arise within the intricate confines of the human body. In response, Hi-Rel delivers essential harsh-environment medical device microelectronic components, including thermal management materials, getter solutions, hermetic lids, and solder preforms. These components empower medical device engineers and designers with the flexibility and reliability necessary to address their precise needs.

Among our array of capabilities, we offer:

Cost-effective prototyping and innovative solution development without compromising on quality or performance.

Flexibility – Our facilities are equipped to handle both small-scale orders and large-scale production runs with equal proficiency.

Quality – An integral part of every step in our processes. With ISO certification at all our facilities, Hi-Rel has earned numerous awards for our unwavering commitment to quality control and excellence.

Above all, Hi-Rel is driven by a deep-seated desire to support people. We take immense pride in the privilege of supporting our customers in the medical device microelectronics sector, knowing that our contributions ultimately touch and improve the lives of consumers."

Medical Applications

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