Optical Networking / Telecommunications

In the ever-evolving landscape of optical networking, speed is the name of the game. With the relentless surge in demand for lightning-fast networks driven by cloud computing, video streaming, and bandwidth-hungry applications, the optical networking industry is at the forefront of innovation. For close to 20 years, the Hi-Rel Group has been the steadfast ally of the world's leading optical networking component and systems companies, providing essential telecommunications microelectronic components tailored specifically for optical networking.

As technology advances and the demand for sensitive electronics soars, we've observed a corresponding increase in moisture and organic elements within hermetic packages after sealing. Recognizing this challenge as an opportunity to support our valued customers, we joined forces with one of our optical networking component partners to develop a solution that minimizes these issues. This collaborative effort has resulted in a more robust and reliable environment for optical networking solutions. This instance exemplifies Hi-Rel's unwavering commitment to keeping pace with our customers and swiftly resolving challenges.

At the heart of Hi-Rel's support for the optical networking components market lies our dedication to crafting and nurturing novel designs, delivering rapid prototyping with significantly reduced tooling costs, and scaling production for high-volume requirements. Our agile organization maintains a razor-sharp focus on delivering solutions for complex issues that may arise during and after system design. Leveraging our extensive expertise in optoelectronics and various microelectronics applications, we provide our customers with exceptionally high-quality products and services that deliver exceptional value.

Our comprehensive optoelectronic packaging component solutions for this market encompass hermetic lids, getter solutions, thermal spreaders, and solder preforms. With hermetic yields consistently exceeding 99%, we employ several proprietary processes that enhance the quality and performance of our products.

Optical Networking / Telecommunications Applications

Digital Attenuators

Long-Haul submarine fiber optic cables

Optical transport systems