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Safeguarding Harsh Environment Electronics for the Petrochemical and Energy Sectors

In the world of petrochemical and energy microelectronics, the stakes are high, and the margin for error is virtually non-existent. Oil and gas exploration and drilling operations are not only critical but also substantial investments for our valued customers in this industry. The consequences of system failure in these power-driven applications can be exorbitant. Hi-Rel is renowned for its unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions that mitigate the risk of failure.

As technology progresses and electronic components face even greater challenges, including extreme temperatures and extended lifecycles, the need for a reliable supplier capable of adapting to these changes becomes paramount.

At Hi-Rel, we offer an array of essential microelectronic components, including getters that capture and neutralize contaminants like moisture within hermetic devices, even after sealing, and throughout their operational lifespan. Our product lineup also includes hermetic lids, solder preforms, and thermal management solutions, all of which play a vital role in safeguarding the electronics used by geologists and petrochemical engineers.

What sets Hi-Rel apart is our nimble and versatile structure, spanning facilities in the UK, United States and Canada. Beyond product customisation, we boast a highly experienced design and manufacturing team, leveraging their vast knowledge to develop solutions that excel in harsh environments across diverse industries. Our recent innovation, a high-temperature getter solution, is designed to adsorb contaminants such as moisture, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and organics, further enhancing the protective capabilities of hermetic packaging.

In the ever-evolving landscape of petrochemical and energy microelectronics, Hi-Rel stands as a steadfast partner, providing peace of mind and delivering solutions that work in any challenging situation.

With an impressive track record spanning four decades in hermetic microelectronics, Hi-Rel possesses an in-depth understanding of our customers and their diverse end applications. Our unwavering commitment to quality and consistency sets us apart from the rest.

We extend a warm invitation for you to reach out to us with your unique requirements. Rest assured, if we haven't encountered your specific needs before, we have the expertise and willingness to collaborate with you in identifying the most superior petrochemical and energy microelectronics solutions that will optimize the longevity of your electronic systems.

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