Plating Capabilities

Explore Hi-Rel Lids' comprehensive in-house technical plating capabilities, catering to various finishes, specifications, and bespoke requirements. Refer to the table below, outlining our proficiency in different plating types:

Electroless Nickel (10.5 to 12%Phosphorous)Electrolytic NickelElectrolytic Gold plating (Minimum 99.9% pure gold)

For specific demands, we also provide selective Nickel and Gold plating. Hi-Rel Lids proudly holds certifications for NADCAP Chemical Processing, AS9100, and ISO 14001.

Our commitment to quality extends to thorough verification processes, including XRF measurement for plating thickness. With three fully calibrated Fisherscope systems, we ensure precision in our plating services. Rigorous testing, such as adhesion testing, bake testing, visual inspection, and additional assessments like salt spray (MIL-STD-883L), align with relevant plating specifications or customer procurement documents. Trust us for unparalleled expertise and reliability in plating solutions.