Precision Lid Assemblies

Our extensive hermetic offerings include Precision lid assemblies that are Machined through CNC, Laser, EDM or Stamping technologies. Our precision lid assemblies are designed and engineered to meet the reliability requirements demanded by our customers. Including but not limited to, low thermal resistance and radio frequency loss in RF and microwave packages. Our flat and stepped lids can be machined from Copper, Aluminum, KOVAR, Titanium and Steel Alloys. Our assembly processes allow us to hold subcomponent placement tolerances within +/- 0.003”. Typical Hermetic package subcomponents include moisture, contaminant getters, along with RF absorber materials and solder preforms.

We have created engineered controls that ensure Lid dimensional flatness, profiles, and surface finishes that meet the most challenging geometric characteristics. Without sacrificing subcomponent reliability. We specialize in custom process and tooling development that ensure repeatability for rate assembly of precision lids of varying shapes and sizes.

We also have an extended supply base and over 25 years of experience in the application of absorber materials for Microwave, MM wave, EMI, and free space reflectivity reduction. We regularly employ state of the art getter solutions driven by customer designs, that capture outgassed hydrogen and prevent current or gain reduction, the formation of hydrides and moisture. Our assembly processes drastically improve long-term device reliability within Hermetically sealed packages, surpassing MIL STD 883 requirements.