Stamping and Coining

Stamping and Coining: 

At the Hi- Rel we specialize in providing premium coining and stamping services for hermetic covers at the prototype, initial and or full rate production stage of your product life cycle. While ensuring the highest quality and performance for your products. Our advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology guarantee precision, durability, and consistency, meeting the most stringent industry standards. We offer both standard and progressive coining as well as deep drawing of metal components from a wide selection of materials including Kovar, Nickel, Alloys, Stainless steel, and Copper in thicknesses between 0.003’” to .250”. Consistently holding tolerances =/- 0.0005”. We have press capacities ranging from 8-50 tons and expertise to manage up to 500 tons as needed. We offer in house heat treating, deburr, tumbling and hand polishing and can also customize your surface finishes and protect downstream processes on customer production lines through value-add services. We have established partnerships with packaging houses and tape and reel service providers that meet the needs of our customers for high volume programs that demand fast turnaround times and clean packaging that exceed EIA standards.