Thermal Management Materials

Hi-Rel Group offers the Ultimate complete solution in mission critical Thermal Management applications

Management of Heat dissipation in hermetic and non-hermetic packages is a growing concern in the electronics industry. Hi-Rel Group is ready to design, develop and produce thermal management solutions specific to your requirements. 


  • Advanced High power Laser mounts
  • Advanced Radar systems
  • Advanced Jammers
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • Medical instrumentation and implantable devices
  • Chip mounting
  • Circuit board cores
  • Lids or covers
  • Semiconductors for the defense industry
  • Microwave Packages
  • High RF Applications
  • Power amplifiers
  • 5G mobile internet network


  • Mil/Def
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Optoelectronics
  • Telecom
  • Thermal interface material, 
  • Heat sinks, Heat spreaders, carriers, bases, pedestals, custom integrated solutions, raw material blanks

Materials offered

  • CMC-laminate, MoCu, WCu, Copper, Aluminum
  • DiaCool™ – Silver   Diamond, Copper Diamond and Aluminum Diamond isotropic composites with Thermal conductivity up to 850 w/mK
  • TIMCool - Graphene based Thermal interface material TC up to 90w/mK in Z axis

Manufacturing Methods

  • EDM, Waterjet, stamping, Laser, High tolerance CNC machining
  • Our proprietary EDM process for mass production of Heat spreaders provides the optimal choice for improved linear dimensional compliance and improved flatness. This result in highest yield rates by reducing voiding at bond lines
  • All of our advanced thermal management materials are available as make to print including Nadcap™ accredited plating as required.  Hi-Rel Group is proud to also offer custom design as well as turnkey integration options.
  • DiaCool™ can also be offered as raw material with the following maximum dimensions depending on overall size
  • Width: 9 inches (240 mm)
  • Thickness: 1 inches (25.4 mm)
  • Length: 9 inches (240 mm)
  • Pick & place packaging options such as waffle packs are available

Our Thermal Management Offerings

Thermal Tabs

Thermal Management Base Plates

Heat Dissipation Materials